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ARTGATE is the first art agency for projects and event management in Europe and in connection to the emerging art markets of China, Russia and the Middle East, including Turkey. We are proud to present you ARTGATE's first newsletter featuring a section on up-coming ARTGATE events and the five top news items from each of the emerging art markets we are focusing on. The news items have been carefully selected in cooperation with reputable art magazines. We hope you will enjoy reading this! Please forward our newsletter to any friend who might also be interested (tell a friend).
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Leoni Spiekermann, founder of ARTGATE

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The Huangshan Bridge is taking shape overhead in Tz’u-man Village. Photo: Yang Qing  

Turkey Art
Art institutions
The future of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum (CAFAM) with ”Sub-Phenomena” exhibition
CAFAM presents the exhibition ”Sub-Phenomena – Report on the State of Chinese Young Art”, in terms of both scale and range, the largest exhibition of its kind to have ever been shown on young artists from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. more
Budi Tek
Indonesian Chinese Budi Tek, who has been living in China for last 17 years, is mostly known for being a collector of contemporary Chinese art. After his recent decision to open an art museum in Shanghai, LEAP interviewed him. more
Liu Wei at Long March Space in Beijing
Regardless of subject, matter or theme, the mediums used in Liu Wei‘s work, or the topic he chooses – whether the alienation of individuals or the empathetic identification with others – his art expresses the suppression of individualism and the emergence of dark subjectivity. more
Li Ran: Mental Masturbation
Young artist Li Ran’s most basic account of his art employs the language of architecture: To him an artwork is a room, a room that should not shut the door on its audience or corner them into forced, unilateral interpretation. more
”Artist in Transit Project” - a post-transit on the identity of Chinese villages
Several artists who live and work in Beijing and Kunming received an invitation from He Wenzhao, the organizer of the ”Artist in Transit Project”, to stay in his hometown of Tz’u-man Village from mid June to late July and develop art works on the village’s history. more

Recycle Group, The letter F, 2012 , Cast polyurethane, 380×135×45 cm, photo: Andrey Losev, by Triumph Gallery, Moscow  

Turkey Art
Art institutions
National Centre for Contemporary Arts installs new building outside the centre of Moscow
NCCA’s new building will be installed outside of the city centre of Moscow on Khodinskoye Pole and will most probably be finished by 2018. The decision was announced by the Russian Minister of Culture at the end of 2012.
Collectors – a new online-service by Sergey Gridchin for sales of contemporary art
Besides the opening of a residence for artists and an exhibition hall near Moscow, art collector Sergey Gridchin has started his new online project – a platform allowing a vast audience to get to know modern artists and their works.
Tatintsian gallery opens up again
While two of the biggest galleries of Russia have closed their doors in 2012 (Aidan and Guelman),Tatintsian Gallery decided to re-open their space in March 2013 in Art House Squat Forum in Moscow.
Recycle Group artist duo shown at Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
Recycle Group – two young and the most perspective Russian artists Andrey Blokhin and Georgy Kuznetsov – are shown at Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow with a huge exhibition called ”Paradise Network”.
London’s ”The Museum of Everything” stages major show at Garage Centre of Contemporary Culture (GCCC)
”Exhibition #5” will be Russia’s first major show of undiscovered, unintentional and untrained Russian artists at GCCC in cooperation with The Museum of Everything in April 2013.
More Russian news you can read on BLOUIN ARTINFO Russia, more international news on BLOUIN ARTINFO International.

Copyright Anahita Razmi,
'Arsenals', Video

Turkey Art
Art institutions
Emirates’ Sharjah Biennial 11 announces spring 2013 dates and its first batch of artists
Yuko Hasegawa, chief curator at Tokyo’s Museum of Contemporary Art, released the names of a handful of artists who will be commissioned to create new works for the bi-annual exhibition. more
His Highness Sheikh Majed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum announces third edition of SIKKA
SIKKA 2013 – an artist-led fair in Dubai – opens a call to emerging UAE artists and collectives working within and across the spectrums of visual arts, performing arts, music and film. more
Beirut Exhibition Center displays Lebanese artist ”Huguette Caland” in a solo show
For the last 50 years, Huguette Caland is one of the main players of the Lebanese art scene. Her works include a huge production of drawings, paintings, sculptures and clothes. more
Contemporary art gallery ”Carbon12” features young artist Anahita Razmi
Through appropriation of heritage, symbols, and even other artists ideas, 2013 Emdash Award winner Anitha Razimi redefines and juxtaposes concepts. more
Newly opened Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art introduces ”Forever Now” exhibition in Doha, Qatar
The ‘Forever Now’ exhibitions proposes new readings based on the works of five artists (Saliba Douaihy, Fahrelnissa Zeid, Jewad Selim, Salim Al-Dabbagh and Ahmed Cherkaoui) from Mathaf’s permanent collection. more

Cevdet Erek, SSS-Shore Scene Soundtrack, 2006-ongoing. Courtesy the artist / Kunststiftung NRW  

Turkey Art
Art institutions
Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV) launched 1st Istanbul Design Biennial
For two months, the Design Biennial transformed Istanbul into a city of design, welcoming over 44,600 visitors of specific exhibitions and a total of 115,000 including parallel events. more
New World Record for Fahrelnissa Zeid at Bonhams
The painting ”Emin Efendi Lokantasi” fetched £217,250 inc. Premium at Bonhams‘ Indian and Islamic art sale on 2 October 2012. more
Turkish Galleries Rampa and NON at Frieze London 2012
NON’s artist Aslı Çavuşoğlu showed her commissioned work in Frieze Projects, titled ”Murder in Three Acts”. Rampa’s artist Cengiz Çekil exhibited at Frieze Masters. more
Cevdet Erek wins Nam June Paik Award 2012
The International Media Art Award of the Arts Foundation of North Rhine-Westphalia (Kunststiftung NRW) was awarded to Cevdet Erek for his piece SSS – Shore Scene Soundtrack. more
Turkey‘s first ever privately funded contemporary art prize launched in November 2012
AR Corporate Group launched FULL Art Prize in 2012 as the nation’s first ever privately funded contemporary art prize to encourage promising new artists in their quest to reach wider audiences. more

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