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CHINA Turkey Art

View of “No Express: Hu Weiyi,” UCCA, 2015, courtesy of LEAP magazine
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LEAP Article on "China 8": Disappointment finally reaches a climax at the end of a journey through the eight museums participating in the exhibition
Rather than an in-depth overview into the diversity of contemporary art in China, it offers only quantitative superlatives. Among painting, photography, calligraphy, installation, sculpture, and video from established and very young artists, many notable, important, and talented artists remain absent. Even after the marathon through all the stations of the show, the themes artists currently cope with are difficult to grasp.
“Excessive Enthusiasm" exhibition at the Asia Art Archive, Hongkong
A small-scale exhibition, “Excessive Enthusiasm: Ha Bik Chuen and the Archive as Practice” showcases the initial results of the Asia Art Archive’s research into the late artist’s life, work, and personal archive. 
Exhibition “No Express: Hu Weiyi,” at Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art (UCCA) 
The route from Shanghai to Beijing and the apparently unplanned experiences along this route become the focal point of Weiyi's project at UCCA: Compressed into a highly formulaic series of scenes, the work stands apart from the actual experience of traveling.
Wang Yin: On the surface, Wang Yin’s work seems to be part of this new intellectual and political trend of looking back at China’s modernist roots
In Wang Yin’s work, the past serves as a kind of filter to better understand the present. While his early work of the 1990s takes on the past directly, only leaving clues as to its true contemporary nature, his recent work uses the past to reformulate meaning for the present.
The Beijing art world likes talking to itself and about itself
When the word “Beijing” is part of a seminar title, it does not describe a geographical area, but rather implies a certain grandness of theme, density of conferences, and efficiency of discourse. These days, everything - be it a panel organized by an institution or an impromptu artist’s speech - is a byproduct of the power of criticism.
You can read more Chinese news under LEAP Magazine.

RUSSIA Turkey Art

Caviar © Elena Khudiakova. Courtesy of Dadiani Fine Art.
The 6th Moscow Biennale will be a 10-day gathering from 22 September to 1 October 2015, at Pavilion No.1 in Moscow’s VDNKh (the Exhibition of Achievements of the People’s Economy).
Driven by the questions of how to gather, how to live together and how to activate new capacities for the future the program aims to re-articulate the current dimensions of art presentation in collaboration with more than 70 Russian and international artists and thinkers on site.
The School of Kiev: Kiev Biennale 2015, 8 September – 1 November 2015
The Kyiv Biennial 2015 presents a new format of an art biennial that integrates exhibitions and sites of public reflection. Works of more than 100 international and Ukrainian artists will be shown in an open display format, designed as six schools where artists and intellectuals from around the world will meet and work with the public in collaborative forums.
In Memoriam: Elena Khudiakova at Dadiani Fine Art, 9-18 September
Dadiani Fine Art presents a series of still life paintings by Elena Khudiakova, the celebrated Russian artist and fashion designer who died earlier this year at the age of 57. Conceived between 2012 and 2014, the paintings depict objects that would be familiar to anyone who grew up in the old USSR.
Golden Cup from the collection of Count Nicolas Demidov to appear at Artcurial auction in Hong Kong, 5-6 October
Artcurial presents ‘From Paris to Hong Kong’, a sale reflecting French culture, style and joie de vivre across three centuries, ranging from the decorative arts to collector cars and showcasing the historic relationship between France and Hong Kong. The sale includes a number of noteworthy pieces, one of which being the Golden Cup from the collection of Count Nicolas Demidov, 1823 (estimated at 80,000 – 120,000 €)
Russian cultural ministry blocks Sweden’s Millesgarden Museum from borrowing Marc Chagall paintings
Museum curator Onita Wass said that the museum has been forced to cancel the exhibition of 48 works by French-Russian artist Chagall and several of his contemporaries. 
You can read more Russian news on BLOUIN ARTINFO Russia, more international news on BLOUIN ARTINFO International.


Walid Raad. Hostage: The Bachar tapes (English version). 2001. Video (color, sound), 16:17 min. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of the Jerome Foundation in honor of its founder, Jerome Hill. © 2015 Walid Raad
Walid Raad retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (12 October 2015 until 31 January 2016)
Informed by his upbringing during the Lebanese civil war, Raad explores the construction of history and the authenticity, or lack thereof, of the resulting photographic and video documentation available to the public. In this the first comprehensive survey of Raad's practice, these themes are focused in the exhibited projects The Atlas Group (1989–2004) and Scratching on things I could disavow (2007–ongoing). 
Casa Arabe, Madrid, exhibits the travelling exhibition ‘I spy with my little eye’ featuring 13 artists with ties to Lebanon (12 September until 25 November 2015)
The travelling exhibition contentiously gathers 13 emerging artists with ties to Beirut yet no direct experience of the civil wars. From photographs to found objects, their stories are presented with the intention of provoking emotions relating to people abandoning their geographical homes to create new ones elsewhere.  
Galerie Zilberman, Istanbul, presents group exhibition ‘Minor Heroisms’ showcasing commissioned artworks by multi-disciplinary international artists exploring Islamic miniature art
The traditional art form is revisited with a contemporary socio-political twist by illustrating lost heroic acts within daily struggles, opposing the long-adhered to practice and belief that the only worthwhile depictions were of the elite in the context of epic battles or mythological stories. Curated by Nat Muller, visitors should watch out for artists such as Pakistani Imran Qureshi, Turkish Burçak Bingöl and Iraqi Hayv Kahraman, among others. 
From 15 September until 5 November 2015, Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai, whill exhibit Adel Abidin’s ‘Immortals’ 
Iraqi artist Abidin deviates from his usual video installations and returns to painting after a 12-year pause. Showcasing four large oil paintings, he is not entirely able to break away from his recent practice and includes a hand-painted site-specific installation. With imagery from Arab mass media, Abidin explores their importance for the reach of political ideologies and their effects on shifting geographical boundaries. 
Until 5 October 2015 the Public Art Festival in Baku, Azerbaijan, will feature a special installation by Wafaa Bilal entitled ‘The Hierarchy of Being’
Iraqi-born Bilal takes inspiration from the Islamic sciences of optics and kinetics from the Golden Age (750–1258 AD) and how they shaped contemporary thinking, combining these concepts with his post-migratory experience. These “old” technologies mix with current interactive technology and photography to create a monumental artwork that offers Bilal’s rendition what being and seeing in the natural world is, or could be.
You can read more Middle Eastern art news on Canvas Magazine online.

TURKEY Turkey Art

Gülsün Karamustafa, Motorcycle, 1986. Courtesy the artist and Europalia
14th Istanbul Biennial opens to the public
Titled SALTWATER: A Theory of Thought Forms the Biennial, organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) and drafted by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev will run until 1 November 2015. 
Art International Istanbul launches its 3rd edition
From 4-6 September, ArtInternational Istanbul 2015 featured 88 galleries from 24 countries spanning Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Central Asia, India and China.
Akbank Sanat hosts Louise Bourgeois exhibition
'Louise Bourgeois: Larger than Life' will run until 28 November showing 58 works of the artist, who has never been exhibited in Turkey despite an incorporated work at the 5th Istanbul Biennial in 1997.
Europalia Arts Festival - Turkey in Belgium
For this year’s festival edition, held from October to January 2016, EUROPALIA is putting the spotlight on Turkey with a program including fine arts, music, photography, cinema, theatre, dance, literature, architecture, design, fashion and gastronomy.
Moving Image Istanbul welcomes record attendance in 2015
'In its second edition in 2015, Moving Image could celebrate a record attendance of 6,500 people in three days, exceeding their best-ever attendance for the New York editions.


Hans Ulrich Obrist (Foto: Kalpesh Lathigra)
Hans Ulrich Obrist receives International Folkwang Prize 2015
Obrist is co-director at the London Serpentine Gallery and is counted among the most influential curators for contemporary art worldwide.
German Cultural Property Protection Law – Collector Würth fears loss of value for his collection
With the law the federal government wants to change the regulations regarding the protection of artworks and bring it into line with EU law.
Pornormal - artist Yngve Holen and his assistant Matthew Evans produce magazine ETOPS II about the porn industry and plastic surgery in California 
At his most recent exhibition at Galerie NEU artist Yngve Holen showed casings of Siemens CT scanners clad in fishnet stockings fabric. The show was accompanied by the ETOPS II magazine, containing multiple anonymous interviews with actors from the Californian porn industry and conversations with plastic surgeons.
New book "Management of Art Galleries": Galleries could take even more money from their artists
The main premise of the book is that too many contemporary art galleries lose money and those that make it don’t make enough.
New web format of the Städel Museum, Frankfurt
In the new web series "Talk in the frame" by the Städel Museum, a moderator talks to paintings. The format is supposed to appeal to a new target audience.

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