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CHINA Turkey Art

Guo Hongwei, “Illuminated”, Installation view, Gland Space, 2015, courtesy of LEAP magazine
A flood of visitors at the “Rain Room” by RANDOM INTERNATIONAL at the Shanghai Yuz Museum
With around 200.000 visitors enjoying the immersive art experience by the design collective Random International, Shanghai has been gripped by Rain Room fever. The drip-dry installation allows you to walk into a downpour without getting wet, thanks to motion sensors in the ceiling. Rain Room was first presented at the Barbican in London (2012) and then at The Museum of Modern Art, New York (2013). 
Korakrit Arunanondchai’s first exhibition in Asia, titled “2558”, occupied two major gallery spaces at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA)
With the exhibition, the artist constructed an immersive cyber-jungle environment in which artworks function as a means of spatial separation and diversification: signature “denim paintings” comprised of collaged denim with paint applied by physically rolling on the surface; prints of various images found on internet; videos; personal photographs; screenshots from Instagram; quotes from his previous video works on the wall and on overhead banners; mannequins wearing various garments; drones; and even a tank with a beautiful fish in it. Evidently, the artist intends his work to be overwhelming, arbitrary, massive, disorienting.
Illuminated” exhibition: a marriage of artistic creation and curatorial practice
“Illuminated,” curated by artist Guo Hongwei, is the fifth exhibition held at his nonprofit Gland Space in Beijing. The exhibition, born of the artist’s personal creative experience, embodies the eclectic accumulation of his work as it has evolved over time. This rich, inclusive presentation has a strength of vision that surpasses the effects of his solo work, but his art and curating are inextricably entwined—one cannot compare different forms of practice on the basis of emotional impressions.
Hong Kong’s art market falls even further away from its peak
Prevailing economic uncertainties in China continue to cast a pall over the art market in Hong Kong. Many in the art business are conservative about prospects for 2016, given the continuing decline in local auction sales and overheads that are among the most expensive in the world.
Other II
An exhibition about gender inequality in China has been shut down by the authorities. 
The show, entitled Jian, Rape: Gender Violence Cultural Codes, was scheduled to open at Ginkgo Space, a commercial gallery in Beijing’s Sanlitun-Gongti district on 25 November. Artist Cui Guangxia had organised the exhibition as a response to the United Nations call for men to engage with the issue of women’s rights.
You can read more Chinese news under LEAP Magazine.

RUSSIA Turkey Art

Natalia Goncharova was a key player in the early years of Russian modernism. Photo: Monoskop, Courtesey of The Art NewsPaper
"KANDINSKY. A RETROSPECTIVE" at Centro Centro Cibeles, Madrid (20 Oct. 15 - 28 Feb. 16)
The exhibition is one of the largest monographic exhibitions on Wassily Kandinsky that has ever been held in Spain. The exhibition features some of his masterpieces (such as paintings, watercolours and engravings) from the Centre Pompidou in Paris. It aims to explore the Russian painter’s entire oeuvre.
Moscow museum "" transformed into commercial operation, which was billed as Russia’s first private contemporary art museum when it opened in Moscow in 2007, has been repurposed into a selling museum, according to its founder, the businessman and art collector Igor Markin. will now operate like a commercial gallery, with a new programme each month, some consisting of works from Markin’s collection and others set up by rotating galleries and artists.
Russian World Gallery, selected works at Central Manege, Moscow
The project is organized by the eponymous gallery founded by collector Felix Komarov. The exposition will feature more than a hundred works by contemporary Russian artists including Oleg Tselkov, Oscar Rabin, Vladimir Nemukhin, Alexander Kosolapov, Leonid Purygin, Oleg Lang and others. Many of them have shared years of work and friendship with the collector. In the 1990s, Felix Komarov began collecting contemporary art and founded a gallery in a prestigious area of New York, on 5th Avenue. Russian World Gallery was the only private gallery in the Museum Mile.
OPPORTUNITY: Moscow City Galleries Network: Open-call for Artists and Curators
The Moscow artist-in-residence programme by Moscow City Galleries Network provides opportunities for Russian and international artists and curators who are interested in staying and working in non-central districts of Moscow, in communication and collaboration with local residents, in developing and implementing public art, street art and community art projects based on the ideas of local area studies and mythopoesis, and in developing a new trend, combining science and art interests in the forms of public art. Applications will be accepted until 31 January 2016. For more information, please contact
Widespread forgery of avant-garde artist exposed at Russian Art Week
A four-year war for control of Natalia Goncharova’s artistic legacy showed no sign of ending during London’s recent Russian Art Week (27 Nov.-4 Dec. 15). At a conference on 2 December on the forgery of Russian avant-garde art, Konstantin Akinsha, a historian and journalist, highlighted the widespread faking of works attributed to Goncharova (1881-1962) and others. He cited alleged collusion by international experts, including curators, and criminal investigations in countries ranging from Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany to Russia itself.


Exhibition poster. Image courtesy of Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna. Courtesy of Canvas Magazine
Pera Museum, Istanbul, presents a group exhibition entitled “This is Not a Love Song: Video Art and Pop Music Crossovers” (25 Nov. 15 – 7 Feb. 16)
The show explores the fields of music and video among some of the most prominent artists and musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries. The works are based on moments when video art and pop music first crossed paths sometime around the 1960s, and explores how this relationship continues to this day.Curated by Javier Panera, the group show includes works by 28 significant artists such as Andy Warhol, John Baldessari, Adel Abidin and James Clar, among others. Taking place parallel to the exhibition are four other shows and sessions that further explore the artistic realm of music and video.
“Political Populism” showing at Kunsthalle Wien (7 Nov. 15 – 7 Feb. 16)
The group exhibition is curated by Nicolaus Schafhausen, and comments on the rise of political populism, a term that has evolved in the current media landscape into one that makes prejudice socially acceptable. The artistic works that reflect on these trends, however, have turned the elements of political populism against itself. Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Lawrence Abu Hamdan and Saâdane Afif are just some of the artists participating in this exhibition, which brings together works that address the many facets of populism, analyse it, diffract it and most importantly, highlight its omnipresence.
Seminal and groundbreaking Iranian artist Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian holds a solo exhibition at The Third Line's new gallery space in Dubai (5-30 Jan. 16)
With works spanning more than five decades, the exhibition follows a recent retrospective at the Guggenheim (New York) and will feature an array of the artist's reverse glass painting, drawings, mirror mosaics based on the ancient technique of aineh-kari and borrowings from Islamic geometry through colour, texture and reflection. A new publication, MONIR: Works on Paper, will accompany the exhibition and features the drawings produced during her exile after the Islamic Revolution in Iran. 
Newsha Tavakolian’s solo exhibition “I Know Why the Rebel Sings” at the Prince Claus Fund Gallery, Amsterdam (27 Nov. 15 –  4 March 16)
The artist's photographic oeuvre comprises gripping photographs realized over her career as a photojournalist documenting warzone realities. As recipient of the 2015 Principal Prince Claus Award, the Iranian photographer presents an expansive display of photographic works that showcase Tavakolian’s investigations, whether covering conflict, capturing candid images of humanitarian tragedies or examining more aesthetic aspects. Curated by Vali Mahlouji, the show bears witness to the beautiful yet poignant imagery and practice of Tavakolian.
Dubai-based trio Rokni and Ramin Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian take over Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, with a show entitled “Those Who Love Spiders, and Let Them Sleep in Their Hair” (7 Nov 15 – 28 Feb. 16)
The exhibition transforms the Den Frie Centre into a world far way from our reality by building a place that represents part of the Iranian artists’ imagined landscape. Op-art oriental patterns cover the entirety of the space and act as a backdrop to weighty collages, sculptures and video works that are inspired by various cultures and civilisations, addressing social issues that are relevant today. Showing for the first time in Denmark, this exhibition showcases the artists' penchant to create what is essentially a floor to ceiling artwork. 
You can read more Middle Eastern art news on Canvas Magazine online.

TURKEY Turkey Art

Darzanà, Pavilion of Turkey, 15th Architecture Biennial in Venice 2016, Photo: IKSV
IKSV announces Turkey’s project  for the 15th International Architecture Biennial
Led by Mehmet Kütükçüoğlu, Ertuğ Uçar, and Feride Çiçekoğlu and created by the team composed of Hüner Aldemir, Hande Ciğerli, Gökçen Erkılıç, Nazlı Tümerdem and Yiğit Yalgın, the project entitled Darzanà will be on show in the Pavilion of Turkey from 28 May until 27 November 2016. 
Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin’s works on view at MoMA in New York 
The artist's hotel signs from the series Hospitality/Hostility are currently on view at the collection exhibition Scenes for a New Heritage at MoMA in New York until 10 April 2016.
Galleries from Istanbul at Art Dubai 2016
'Taking place from 16-19 March Art Dubai will host 5 galleries from Turkey this year: Krampf, Rampa, Sanatorium, x-ist and Zilberman.
Nilbar Güres receives Belvedere Contemporary Art Award 2015
The Vienna based artist is the recipient of the fifth edition of the BC21 Art Award, a €20,000-worth prize presented biannually by the Boston Consulting Group and the Belvedere.
Istanbul Design Biennial announces theme for 2016
'Curated by Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley, the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial will be held from 22 October to 4 December 2016 and is titled ARE WE HUMAN? : The Design of the Species : 2 seconds, 2 years, 200 years, 200,000 years.


Christian Jankowski and Nina Hoss, photographed by Wolfgang Stahr, © Wolfgang Stahr
Successor of Hubertus Gaßner, Director of “Hamburger Kunsthalle” 
Christoph Martin Vogtherr will be the new head of Hamburger Kunsthalle.
Out-of-court settlement 
Artist Danh Vo and private collector Bert Kreuk have settled their legal dispute over an artwork not delivered out of court.
Philipp Messner “paints” with snow in Munich 
Action-painting with snow cannon: Philipp Messen installs a snow field called "Clouds" in the middle of Munich.
Retrospective by Christian Jankowski at CFA Gallery 
The actress Nina Hoss has curated a retrospective with video works by Christian Jankowski at the Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery in Berlin. This combination is surprising in many aspects.
Germanwings crash: "Art is something that endures"
When a pilot intentionally crashed a Germanwings flight, all passengers were killed. Among them: artist Juliane Noack. Her partner David Nowak talks with Monopol about art and memories.

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