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CHINA Turkey Art

Para Site transformed into Kwan Sheung Chi's residence. photo: image courtesy LEAP Magazine
Palais de Tokyo, Paris, continues to enhance its international agenda with its exhibition "Inside China – L’intérieur du Géant"
Curator, Jo-ey Tang, travelled across China and Southeast Asia to select five Chinese artists in dialogue with three French artists (Renaud JEREZ, LI Gang, Edwin LO, NADAR, Aude PARISET, WU Hao, YU Ji, ZHAO Yao, CHENG Ran).
The No Colors - William Lim Living Collection
Hong Kong-based architect and collector William Lim has ambitious intentions for his recent book, The No Colors, to function as "a book about Hong Kong contemporary art using my own collection as the backdrop".
Para Site gallery (Hong Kong) transformed into artist Kwan Sheung Chi’s residence
During Kwan's week-long durational performance "The 21st Century Undead Coterie of Contemporary Art" at Para Site gallery, the artist occupied the ground floor with a series of events, including film screenings that address the themes of time and change. He rearranges his sleeping patterns to coincide with daylight hours. His performance invites reflection on the nature of change: its origin, its energy, and its measurement.
Queens Museum New York features "Polit-Sheer-Form-Office (PSFO)", a China-based art group
The exhibition is a survey of the most representative works created by PSFO, a China based art collective founded in 2005 by artists Hong Hao, Xiao Yu, Song Dong, Liu Jianhua, and curator/critic Leng Lin. For a society that has moved far away from communal ideals, PSFO imagines a new Chinese Socialism based on the expansive possibilities of shared experiences.
"u-topophilia: Art in Field and Societal Space", HUANG Sunquan’s Solo Exhibition at the private museum "Redbrick Art Museum"
"u-topophilia" intends to propose a narrative strategy regarding place, architecture, utopia and social movements, and also the possibilities of connecting in societal space. The exhibition also marks the beginning of Local Narration and Societal Space, an 2-3 year project initiated by Huang Sunquan and co-organised by renowned curator Guo Xiaoyan and the curatorial team of Red Brick Art Museum.
You can read more Chinese news under LEAP Magazine.

RUSSIA Turkey Art

Antonina Baever. Socialism in a Dream. 2014. Video installation, photographs. 2:55 min. (c) Triumph gallery,
M10 closes with 1,5 million visits, 40% of which have never visited a contemporary art exhibition before
Manifesta 10 was able to generate a new audience for contemporary art in the City of St Petersburg. Also proving the strength of the Manifesta 10 art mediation attracted a far wider group than only the small network of art professionals, more than 40% of visitors have never visited a contemporary art exhibition before. A positive change for the State Hermitage Museum was that 70% of Manifesta 10 visitors were up to 35 years of age. Half of the audience were from St Petersburg and a quarter from other regions of Russia and the remaining visitors came from across the world, mainly from Europe.
Vienna Fair rebrands as Vienna Contemporary
Austria's biggest art fair, Vienna Fair owned by the real estate mogul Dmitry Aksenov, will henceforth be known as Vienna Contemporary. The fair will move its location at the beginning of 2015 from the Messe Wien convention centre to the Marx Halle, a historic market hall east side of the city.
In December of 2013, MEA “Manege”, Triumph Gallery and the Centre of Culture and Art MediaArtLab established a new project titled “Great Expectations” in support of contemporary art in Moscow
Over the past year solo exhibitions of works by young Russian media artists have been presented at CEH “Manege” every month. Thirteen artists took part in the project, and for them it was a unique opportunity to present a solo show to a wide audience retaining at the same time the freedom of artistic experiment. The final exhibition will present a new generation of young artists, who work with new media — video, photography and installation. Emerging artists of significance in the near future.
Russian-born German architect Sergei Tchoban designs a 30-metre-long cantilevered canopy for Russia’s 2015 Milan Expo pavilion
The canopy, made from sustainably sourced timber and glass, will shelter the entrance to the Russian national pavilion which will feature a curving mirrored underside and a roof garden accessible to visitors above.
Russian State Film Fund demands British director Peter Greenaway to omit homosexuality from Soviet film director Sergei Eisenstein biopic
The film, scheduled to begin shooting in 2015, has been entitled "The Eisenstein Handshakes" and will be jointly funded by Switzerland, France and the Russian State Film Fund.
You can read more Russian news on BLOUIN ARTINFO Russia, more international news on BLOUIN ARTINFO International.


Samia Halaby. Caption: Samia Halaby. Jerusalem. 2014. Acrylic on canvas. 200 x 400 cm. Image courtesy the artist.
Joan Miró in Istanbul
In collaboration with the Joan Miró Foundation and Sabanci Holding, this exhibition brings together 125 works by the celebrated Spanish Modern Master and focuses on aspects of his oeuvre, including women, birds and the stars. The exhibition runs until 1 February.
Pi Artworks hosts Mehmet Ali Uysal
Pi Artworks’ London space will present the first solo exhibition of Turkish artist Mehmet Ali Uysal on 11 February. Block coincides with Uysal’s public sculpture Skin, which was recently commissioned and installed in Turkey and the USA. The exhibition runs until 28 March.
Samia Halaby at Beirut Exhibition Center
Palestinain artist Samia Halaby presents her retrospective at the Beirut Exhibition Centre on 28 January, which is curated by Maymanah Farhat and presents works from the 1960s to the present day. The exhibition explores themes of post-war American trends and Abstract Expressionism. The exhibition runs until 1 March.
Sharjah’s Barjeel Art Foundation presents works by Marwan Kassab Bachi
Following his solo exhibition at the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art in Porto, the Syrian-German artist presents Topographies Of The Soul, which features large-scale oil on canvas paintings alongside a range of works from 10 collections. The exhibition runs until 6 February.
Focus Iran: Contemporary Photography And Video
Held in collaboration between the Farhang Foundation and LA Craft Council in Los Angeles, this exhibition features 25 photographic and video works by emerging and mid-career Iranian artists from around the world. The group exhibition runs from 25 January to 3 May.
You can read more Middle Eastern art news on Canvas Magazine online.

TURKEY Turkey Art

14th Istanbul Biennial: Büyük Ada, August 18, 2014. Photo: Francis Alÿs
14th Istanbul Biennial - Saltwater: a Theory of Thought Forms
The title and framework of the 14th Istanbul Biennial, drafted by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev with a number of alliances, was announced.
Last Masterpiece by Ömer Uluç sold at Antik A.Ş.
‚Ölüdeniz,’ the last masterpiece by leading Turkish painter Ömer Uluç, who died in 2010, was sold for 950,000 Turkish Liras at Antik A.Ş. Auction House in November 2014.
Armory Focus: Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean (MENAM)
Istanbul based galleries Galerist, NON, and Pi Artworks, are part of the curated part of the Armory Show in New York in March 2015.
Asli Cavuşoğlu participates in New Museum Triennial 2015
Taking place from 25 February - 24 May, this third iteration of the Triennial is titled ‚Surround Audience’ and will feature fifty-one artists and artist collectives from over twenty-five countries.
Nilbar Güreş awarded Otto Mauer Preis 2014
Nilbar Güreş received the 2014 Otto Mauer Preis, one of the most prestigious art awards in Austria.


Susanne Pfeffer, director of Kasseler Kunsthalle Fridericianum at the exhibition "Parrot Problems" from the British artist Helen Marten. With the show "Nature after Nature" and the retrospective of Paul Sharits, Fridericianum has been voted by Monopol to be the most recognised exhibition house. (photo: dpa)
Voting from the Monopol authors and journalists
The best exhibitions of the year 2014:
The court trial on art consultant Helge Aachenbach in Essen provides insights into the world of old-timers
Achenbach sold a wide range of art and old-timer to ALDI heir and art collector Berthold Albrecht. According to the accusation side, 62-old Achenbach has betrayed his friend Albrecht with 14 art sales and 9 old-timer deals with a sum of around 23 Mio. Euros.
An interview with young gallerists Gillmeier and Rech from Berlin reveals the necessity for "patience and unpaid work"
Venice Biennale 2015 - Who represents who
An artist overview per country:
Artist Jessine Hein about her artwork which reconstructs pop star David Bowie's teeth-set after his change to "Hollywood set"
"Bowie's teeth were exactly like everything else about him: different! Not the norm, not perfect, but in his authentic sense, beautiful. His smile revealed an imperfection, which made him real and maybe more approachable."

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